Sep 2015
Gas Distribution
Gas Polymerisation – Stage 2 - Engineering Development
Sep 2015
Apr 2017
Stephen Tomlinson, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of work has been split into individual work packages which will be shared between in-house testing and technical partner research.

  • Review Chemistry Choice and IP Situation: review chemistries to date, explore additional chemistries and ensure the IP provides freedom to use these chemistries.

  • Further Exploratory / Optimisation Chemistry Work: deepen understanding of the selected chemistries and identify requirements for practical testing of these chemistries. This will include how best to deploy the chemistries and maximise the likelihood of a seal.

  • Environmental Compatibility Considerations: ensure compatibility with the pipeline environment.

  • Review and Assess the Practicalities of Field Deployment: ensure the chemistries can be scaled up and safely deployed in the field.

  • Design and Build Flexible Testing System: for use during in-house testing.

  • Experimental Testing and Analysis: to assess the performance of the selected chemistries.

  • Project Management and Reporting

The overall objective of this project (Stage 2) is to take the experimental proof of concept determined in Stage 1 and to carry out the engineering development required to assess real world practicalities for use in an operational setting.

This will lead to recommendations for further project stages involving large scale testing prior to field trials.

  • Review of chemistry options to progress to full feasibility testing.

  • Review of chemistry optimisation options for specific use in gas distribution systems.

  • Environmental compatibility considerations.

  • Field deployment practicality and feasibility study.

  • Design of flexible testing system.

  • Completed experimental testing and analysis with recommendation for next stage of development.

  • Completed full project report.