Sep 2015
Gas Distribution
Automated Pressure Tester
Sep 2015
Aug 2018
Hector Salgado, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Measurement and Network Monitoring
This project proposes to develop an automated pressure tester. This proposed device aims to help ensure the accuracy and consistency of the testing and data recording process while removing the potential for human error and providing the opportunity to automatically update our asset records via a suitable cloud based service.

The project incorporates the development of two new devices (a larger one for mains and a smaller unit for services and risers) that will be designed to suit the needs of the GB Gas Distribution Network. The development and adoption of these devices has the potential to advance the way pressure testing is performed and managed.

The objective of the project is to develop and extend the functionality of an existing Automated Integrity Test Device currently used in the US to suit the needs of the GB gas distribution networks (GDN’s).  Enabling this equipment to be made available for implementation into business as usual within the GB GDN’s will assist in assuring data quality and safety assurance when carrying out pressure testing of assets on the GB distribution network.  The project also allows the potential to reduce costs in relation to carrying out the activity of pressure testing of assets prior to commissioning.

The success criteria for the project are:

  • Determined device specification requirements.

  • Creation of conceptual designs.

  • Production of full prototype design.

  • Completed software development and wireless communication.

  • Manufacture of prototype(s)

  • Completed offsite testing against predetermined parameters

  • Completed field trials.

  • Completed final project report.