Jun 2015
Gas Distribution
Solutions to Pipeline Graphitisation and Corrosion – Stage 1 - Concept Development
Jun 2015
Jun 2016
Stephen Tomlinson, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
This project has been divided into 6 key work packages, see below:

WP1: Solution Specification

This work package will further study the causes of pipeline corrosion generally, with particular emphasis on the unique challenges of graphitisation. This will setup the framework for generating solutions to the problem.

WP2: Concept Generation

This work will result in a ‘matrix’ approach to generating the concepts and will look cross-industry, and across technical disciplines, as well as at existing technology / ideas currently in the public domain.

WP3: Initial Feasibility Assessment

This work package aims to carry out assessments on each of the concepts generated in WP2, conventional and novel. Once the selection of concepts is completed, they will be grouped into target areas of: prevention, arresting, remediation, monitoring. In the first instance expert partners will be sought to help in the feasibility assessment. This will result in a desktop assessment being made on all of these concepts. Where possible the desktop assessment will be backed up with a range of workshop assessments of each concept.

WP4: Shortlisting of Concepts

Results from the feasibility assessment will be used to rate each of the concepts. This rating will then be used to short list up to 6 concepts to be taken forward to initial testing with the aim to discover any specific technical blockers to obtaining a ‘Proof of Concept’.

WP5: Initial Testing

This work package will take the shortlisted concepts and develop a set of tests to assess the validity of these concepts (in effect the work is driven to try to obtain a ‘Proof of Concept’ result). The testing will build upon that carried out in the feasibility assessment through the use of small scale experimental and demonstration rigs for use of these concepts in the gas mains. The outcome of these tests will be a selection of proven concepts to take forward to formal engineering development in the next stage of the project.

WP6: Project Management, Reporting

A Steering Committee (made up of representatives from Steer Energy and SGN) will meet on a bi-monthly basis. Updates will be initially produced fortnightly outlining the work carried out to allow for fast-tracked feedback especially in the early concept development stages of this work; it is envisaged that this will then move to monthly once the initial concepts have been developed

This project aims to prove the concept of dealing with the issue of pipeline corrosion and more specifically to:


1.             develop systems to prevent the onset of pipeline corrosion

2.             develop systems to arrest existing corrosion processes in pipes

3.             develop systems to remediate pipelines suffering from corrosion.


Furthermore, the possibility of providing an option of embedded condition monitoring for repairs will be investigated to deliver ongoing assurance of any pipeline repairs.


Recommendations for and progression to the next stage of development.

The following success criteria apply to this project:

· Creation of solution specification.

· Generation of concepts for investigation against solution spec.

· Completed initial feasibility assessment of concepts.

· Selection of up to six concepts for initial testing

· Initial testing of selected concepts.

· Completed full project report documenting findings and recommending next steps.