Aug 2015
Gas Distribution
Magnetic Filtration in Medium to Low Pressure Networks
Aug 2015
Feb 2017
Nancy Thomson, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Maintenance & Inspection

The Scope of this project is to investigate the latest developments in Magnetic Filtration Technology for use on SGN’s plant. This would allow the potential for utilising more cost effective methods of gas filtration on the network pressure regulating stations, with the potential to remove the restriction on Low Pressure networks, returning the systems to their full operating parameters.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Prove that Magnetic filtration technologies can be adopted into SGN’s activities.
  • Show the potential to return the network capacity on restricted networks increasing the efficiency of maintaining these systems and improve the life of the asset.
  • Consolidation and updating of existing SGN specifications for the use of magnetic filtration in the network.
  • Reduce the number of standard filter elements required to maintain system pressures.
  • Create a new SGN Policy approval of the new specification to allow their use within the network, to provide a safe and efficient cost effective solution, and the likely reduction in filter element waste disposal could both improve efficiencies and productivity.
  • Return the asset to its original performance, the site capacity restriction could be removed, thus improving the average system pressures.
The success criteria for this project are to trial and test the new magnetic filtering system and methods in our existing filter elements. The project will be determined to be a success if the following is achieved:

  • Compatibility assessment of magnetic filtration technology and products with particular consideration to durability, practicality of application and price on all SGN assets.

  • Risk assessment and gap analysis of relevant industry and SGN standards and specifications.

  • Completed review of current specifications including assessment of current practice suitability in relation to new technology.

  • Draft a new specification incorporating applicable new technology.

  • Completed technical report on results, findings and comparisons between new and existing elements.

  • Carry out off site mechanical appraisals and on site field trials.

  • Compare the existing performance of the regulator against the newly installed system.

  • Create comparison of the number of site visits required compared to traditional methods.

  • Provide technical reports against existing and new filter systems and their successes rate.

  • Produce a Maintenance Work instruction that reflects the applications and methods, in SGN’s SMF format, equipment and the applications techniques required.

  • Share the learning of this project with the other Network Licensees.