Jan 2015
Gas Distribution
Advanced Gas Detection
Jan 2015
Mar 2017
Hector Salgado, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
The Project will be broken down into the following sub-sections:

  • GS700 Expansion – this will involve tasks such as; natural gas identification, bump testing, Bluetooth communication and trials/evaluation.

  • Compliance management package (cloud IMS) – customised reports, guided decision making, trend analysis and security.

  • Mobile application and development of associated software

  • Analysis of calibration options

  • Impact of the new technology on the site investigation procedures

  • Manage off site field trials and testing, quantifying and controlling risks identified

The objectives of the project are to produce a portable gas detection device to detect methane and CO gases, and determine if readings detected on site are from a natural gas leak. Development of digital capture of site investigation data and inventory management will also be developed as part of the project.

 Summary of Work Required

  1. Develop a working prototype of the gas detection device to meet relevant industry standards and specifications.
  2. Develop work procedures for using the product
  3. Trial the solution across SGN’s regional networks
  4. Commercial appraisal for the overall use of the product and potential efficiency savings resulting from the success of the field trial. 
The success criteria for the project are:

  • Carry out design and development of a conceptual gas detection device

  • Complete the manufacture of 20 prototypes of the solution to meet the relevant industry and SGN standards and specifications.

  • Development of in-vehicle calibration devices

  • Development of an associated training package for field trial

  • Undertake field trials across SGNs regional networks

  • Produce operator guidelines detailing the correct operating procedure of the equipment

  • Produce and disseminate learning based on final project report