Aug 2014
Gas Distribution
Gas Polymerisation - Proof of Concept
Aug 2014
Jul 2015
Stephen Tomlinson, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
As part of the Seeker Particles project (NIA_SGN0012), a number of ambitious and highly innovative technology opportunities were identified. This proposal aims to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’ of one of those innovative technologies, namely gas polymerisation, which uses gas sealants that are transported with the gas and remotely repair leaks by exploiting chemistry that reacts with unique environmental factors found at leak points.

  • Construction of the testing rig

  • Evaluation of alkyd technologies

  • Organoborane catalysis studies.

  • Thiol disulphide substitution reactions.

  • Integration with Mechanical Deployment Devices.

  • IP Evaluation and recommendation for next stage progression.

The overall objective of this project (Stage 1) is to provide experimental ‘Proof of Concept’  for a series of potential gas sealant chemistries operating within the gas flow, and to investigate how these could be deployed the gas distribution mains and network riser systems.

Recommendations for and progression to next stage of technology development.

  • Development and validation of the experimental testing rig

  • Completed evaluation of Alkyd Technologies and their potential for use in the gas distribution mains and network riser systems.

  • Completed studies of Organoborane Catalysis.

  • Completed evaluation of thiol disulphide substitution reactions.

  • IP review and strategy for next stage progression

  • Final Project Report