Oct 2015
Gas Distribution
Wireless Instrumentation Field Trial
Oct 2015
Oct 2016
Keith Ellison, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Comms & IT
The scope of the project is to determine that wireless instrumentation can be used to monitor pressure at a number of selected points on a pressure regulating station (PRS).

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Assess the reliability of wireless instrumentation
  • Assess the resilience and security of wireless communications by ensuring the transmitted information cannot be accessed by any third party.
  • Confirm it is possible that the interfacing software is capable to be integrated into SGN’s existing telemetry systems
  • Compare the wireless system against the existing site instrumentation
  • Understand the benefits of wireless technology whilst gaining operational experience
  • Establish the impact on SGN policies and procedures
The success criteria for the project are:

  • To prove whether the site will see a reduction in the number of cabling systems cable ducts, pits cable trays and the civil engineering requirements, reducing the cost of installation.

  • Assess whether ELD (electrical line drawings) documentation will be reduced as long runs of cabling will not have to be input in the design drawings.

  • To evaluate the reduction of installation commissioning time and site maintenance inspection activities.

  • Determine if there is a reduction in the power requirements for the instrumentation equipment and the impact on its battery life.