Sep 2014
Gas Distribution
Core Drilling and Flow Stop, WASK
Sep 2014
Dec 2018
Alex Stewart, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Maintenance & Inspection and Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to support development of equipment to undertake under pressure drilling, tapping and sealing through a 600mm diameter core excavation on 4-12” mains operating up to 2 barg.

The second phase of the project will support development of flow stop equipment designed to operate in a 600mm diameter core excavation allowing flow stopping and bypassing of affected mains from 4” to 8 “ and operating up to 100mbar.

The objectives of this project are to:

·         Ensure a safe and reliable gas supply for our customers and limit the size and duration of excavations to carry out our works

·         Produce training material to be provided in support of field trials.

·         Carry out field trials to comprehensively review the new equipment and provide a technical report for the other Licensees to disseminate the outcomes of the field trial.

·         Evaluate suitability of new method against traditional techniques of drilling and flow stopping and record, review and report on performance of the equipment.

·         Research and provide outcomes of the feasibility of rolling out the project across all SGN distribution zones and all of GB.

·         Provide work instruction, training procedures and operating procedures for all equipment

·         Detail costs benefit analysis from the field trials.

Issue approval of this technique for use across GB.

The success criteria for this project are to trial and test the method and equipment against the traditional methods currently used to compare its performance in terms of:

  • Asses whether core drilling provides a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.

  • Enable comparison of the effectiveness of the equipment versus existing equipment

  • Indicate whether there is a reduction in the environmental impact when comparing existing equipment with that in the field trial.

  • Judge whether there is a resultant Increase in productivity.