Sep 2014
Gas Distribution
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Sep 2014
Nov 2020
Alex Stewart, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Maintenance & Inspection and Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is the testing and development of a potential solution to enable multiple coring within highways to reduce the requirement for conventional excavation, allowing existing equipment to be used within core and vac excavations.

The objectives of this project are to:

·         Produce a conceptual detailed design solution to meet SGN and Industry standards.

·         Conceptual detailed design of reinstatement process

·         Off site field trials to prove conceptual design compatibility

·         Technical review of impact of conceptual process across spectrum of road classifications

·         Gap analysis

·         On site field trials to prove process including testing and monitoring process

·         Production of report detailing process and testing results.

The success criteria for this project are to trial and test the method against the traditional methods currently used to compare its performance in terms of:

  • Provide a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique versus existing excavations

  • Demonstrate the effect of multiple cores on carriageway integrity

  • Provide test data to uphold conclusions

  • Increase in productivity.