Oct 2013
Gas Distribution
Self-Amalgamating Tape (Stage 2)
Oct 2013
Nov 2014
Alex Stewart, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
In 2012/13 SGN funded a project through their Innovation Funding Incentive (IFI) mechanism to carry out a technical assessment of self amalgamating tape as a potential repair technique for leaks on screwed joint from network risers and lateral pipework. This report offered SGN with a number of valuable conclusions, but ultimately indicated that self amalgamating tape could provide an appropriate repair solution for gas leaks on threaded risers and laterals.

As a result, a decision has been made to continue to work alongside MACAW Engineering Limited to carry out a project that will introduce the following:

  • Demonstrate the suitability of self-amalgamating tape for in-service repair applications

  • Refine the application method statement (if required) to overcome any in field issues

  • Provide an in-service track record of the longer term performance of repairs

  • Define and justify suitable inspection intervals based on field trial performance.

In addition, this project will involve accelerated aging tests to define the repair design life as an interim or permanent repair and also develop a standard to qualify self amalgamating tape repairs to be suitable for use as a permanent repair and also perform qualification tests.

Throughout GD1 there will be greater focus towards riser replacement and this project will seek to develop a solution that allows licensees to maximize their opportunities and eliminate the costs associated with repairing riser and lateral pipework in the future and reducing the disruption to our customers.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • To validate the tape as a robust repair solution.
  • Establish cost benefit and efficiency improvements in terms of reduced time for repairs and reduced disruption for customers.
  • Training material provided in support of field trials.
  • SGN to carry out field trials to comprehensively review the new repair technique and provide a technical report for the other Licensees to disseminate the outcomes of the field trial.
  • Provide installation method statement and record template in order to document every individual repair.
  • Detailed costs benefit analysis from the field trials.
The success criteria for this project are to trial and test the method against the traditional methods currently used to compare its performance in terms of:

  • Demonstrate onsite suitability as a temporary repair technique

  • Provide an in service track record which can be used as justification or otherwise to increase inspection intervals and classify self amalgamating tape as an interim repair

  • Demonstrate repair longevity or otherwise

  • Capture a case study on the avoidance of replacement in terms of environmental and customer benefits

  • Increase in productivity.