Mar 2014
Gas Distribution
Gas Eco (GECO) Gas Pump
Mar 2014
Mar 2016
Ryan Smith, Innovation Delivery Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is as follows:

Research, Development and Production of Working Drawings

  • Develop conceptual design drawings.

Manufacture Prototypes

  • Produce working prototypes.

  • Test prototypes against the relevant performance specifications criteria.

Manufacture Batch Units

  • Produce working batch units.

  • Test batch units against the relevant performance specifications criteria.

  • Produce working procedure document for review by relevant SGN experts.

  • Produce final version of work procedure incorporating expert feedback.

Delivery and Training

  • Produce training package.

  • Confirm delivery and training locations.

Produce formal closure report

  • Produce draft report.

  • Produce final report and submit to Ofgem.

The objective of this project is to develop a single stage air powered gas pump capable of pressurising gas that would normally be released in to the atmosphere after abandoning pipes and holders.  This is to enable it to be injected back into the piped gas network and minimise wasted gas whilst carrying out repair and maintenance activities.


  • Research, development and production of drawings of working prototypes.
  • Manufacture prototypes, carry out off site testing and review against relevant performance specifications.
  • Manufacture batch units; carry out off site testing and produce test report and working procedures.
  • Deliveries of batch units to selected SGN sites and carry out required training.
  • Produce final closure report.
The success criteria for this project are:

  • Production of the working drawings.

  • Production of working models and completion of performance testing.

  • SGN attend site to witness the performance of pre-prototype gas pumps.

  • Provide a production build/test schedule and submit fortnightly progress reports of project.

  • Produce Geco gas pumps to enable the field trial to commence.

  • Delivery of pumps to agreed sites and the provision of onsite training and competency base assessments at GB representative locations within SGN’s network.

  • Detail the environmental benefits achieved from the field trials results.