Nov 2013
Gas Distribution
Water Extraction Reel & Y Branch
Nov 2013
Jan 2016
Sam Wilson, Innovation & New Technology Project Manager and David McLeod – Innovation Delivery Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to bring to the industry a new and improved piece of equipment to be used in conjunction with current mains camera equipment to detect and remove the water inside of the low pressure network.

The project will:

  • Design and develop proof of concept

  • Develop 2 prototype working models

  • Conduct a field trial for product verification

  • Product training for selected field staff.

The registered project duration and costs have been amended due to the following reason:

A significant redesign was necessitated after final stages of offsite testing highlighted an issue that could not have been determined prior to this stage. Specifically, it was found that there was a requirement to 'walk' the water extraction hose and camera (both of which are inserted through the Y Branch) into the pipe. Due to the orientation of the two components (camera and hose) in the original design this was not possible. A full redesign was then required to enable the hose and camera to be inserted in parallel to allow the 'walking' action to be carried out. Which has resulted in the additional costs and time delays.

The key objectives of this project are to design and develop a single-line water removal system, to be used in conjunction with the current camera systems, to detect and remove water from the network from one excavation.

To achieve this the key objectives will be:

  1. Pipetech to research, develop, and produce working drawings of product
  2. Pipetech to produce two working models of product and factory test
  3. Training, for the purpose of the field trial, on the use of the new equipment provided by Pipetech
  4. SGN to field trial new equipment on suitable sites yet to be identified
  5. SGN to present the outcome of the project to the other Licensee’s
The success criteria for the project is to develop a product which:

  • Allows water ingress incidents to be dealt with only 1 excavation

  • Can identify the location of the water and extract the water

In order to determine whether this project has been successful or not at various stages it will be reviewed at key milestones set throughout the project, this will ensure value for money is received by the customer, with the avoidance of unnecessary expenditure. The new product will be trialled on the network in a number of different environments from urban to rural settings. Following field trials a review and product evaluation will be carried out to determine whether this equipment is suitable and successful in aiding the detection and removal of water from the network.