Oct 2013
Gas Distribution
RCA GPS Survey
Oct 2013
Jan 2015
Oliver Machan, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to work in partnership with hand held device and integrated software suppliers and to support the field trial of a GPS enabled device that will wirelessly exchange project and asset data with the exchange server running geospatially enabled automation software. This will involved designing (3 months), building (3 months), testing the schemas that control the data flow and validation, the communication protocols between the server and device, the interface for the mobile and testing everything in a live environment alongside the existing process (6 months) and review (3 months). Testing will include (but may not be limited to) Functional integration Testing, User acceptance testing, Non functional testing, regression testing and Operational Acceptance testing. Once complete we will be able to assess the benefits using the information generated throughout the trial.

Following a review, the project budget has been reduced as an element of the costs has now been funded from an alternative budget

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Allow SGN to transmit and receive project and records data automatically between a field device and the server
  • Allow automated analysis of the data to take place
  • Allow the data to be integrated in to the various front office enterprise systems automatically post quality assurance checks.
  • Evaluate and report on the costs and benefits of the system trialed
The key success criteria will be:

  • Trial of a collection of new hardware and software technology which utilizes global positioning and geospatial records technology integrated into a single solution

  • Record and display tabular geospatially tagged data in ‘real time’ using specialist software

  • Field trial data clarifying the effectiveness of the equipment

  • Establish the potential for reductions in the time taken to capture, record, validate and update the data and information.
  • Production of a technical report detailing the project outcomes.