Jan 2013
Gas Distribution
SynthoTrax I-Seal Robot (Technical Feasibility Study)
Jan 2013
Sep 2013
Ryan Smith, Innovation Delivery Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to carry out a technical feasibility study to investigate the technical potential to develop a robotic system that can remotely travel to, locate, and seal leaking joints from a single live access point.

The objectives of this feasibility study are to provide possible solutions to the scope, broken into the following sections:

  • Access Fitting
  • Access System
  • In-pipe robotic platform
  • Sealant Application System
  • In-pipe CCTV
  • External Support Systems

In addition, the study will assess whether there are feasible development solutions available globally that can meet the elements of the complete performance specification.

The success of this project will be determined against the quality and content of the technical feasibility study, as well as the project duration. The expected outcomes, representing successful project delivery, will be:

  • A detailed report on the required developments of current technology available to be able to meet the scope listed above

  • Assessment of the associated cost of developing the current technology available to meet the specification provided

  • A cost comparison against current repair techniques

  • An identified method of progressing the technology.