Jan 2011
Gas Distribution
Synthotech Service Relay Initiative
Jan 2011
Apr 2014
Alex Stewart, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to investigate and develop the capabilities of the Serviflex product range to allow for 3/4” service insertions with 20mm Serviflex, and 1” live service insertion from the customer’s meter position.

The objectives of the project are to: 

  • Reduce the interruption time for customers requiring a service relay 
  • Reduce the cost of relaying a service to provide better value to the customer
  • Reduce and where possible eliminate the amount of excavation and reinstatement required 
  • Reduce the impact on the customer by reducing the quantity of services requiring meter boxes and copper work pipe reruns after relaying a service.
  • Increase productivity by reducing the time taken to relay a gas service.
The successful development of the Serviflex system will provide positive environmental benefits with a reduction in the number of excavations required, the time taken and the impact on the customer. In order to ensure that this project is a success, the progress will be evaluated at the end of each project milestone. SGN’s project manager will assess the outputs of each milestone upon completion before approving progress to the next stage. The success criteria for the project are to determine the extent to which the following targets are met by Serviflex system:

  • Have a tool that will relay a service from an internal meter position using live insertion techniques

  • Have a tool that will be able to insert ¾” steel services

  • Eliminate the need to excavate to relay a gas service where ever possible

  • Reduction in the amount of excavation required and the amount of material sent to landfill

  • A reduction in the quantity of third party damages caused due to the reduction in excavation taking place

  • Reduction in average interruption time by 30%.