Mar 2019
Electricity Distribution
Health Index Study of Electrical Energy Storage Systems within Electricity Networks.
Mar 2019
Sep 2019
Northern Powergrid
Andrew Webster
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability and ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
Condition Monitoring
A small scale project to determine the feasibility of health indices for EES and to identify an initial methodology.
The objectives of this project are to
  • summarise existing literature of energy storage system technology (e.g. types of batteries, power electronics etc.) for grid storage applications from technical, legislative, environmental and/or economic perspectives which is feasible within the project’s lifespan; 
  • identify a technology, relevant parameters (for instance, age, likelihood of failure, dependability, capacity, system design such as a few large systems versus many smaller systems, usage etc.) and define health condition criteria i.e. significant factors that are key for further investigation in this project;
  • analyse existing state of health monitoring methods, for instance, classification, characteristics, challenges, advantages, limitations, underlying concept and mathematic formulas of individual methods that are applicable to energy storage systems technology; and
  • determine the health index of the chosen technology under study by defining selection criteria, choosing and applying the most suitable health monitoring method in the project.
Understanding of new technology class.