Sep 2018
Electricity Distribution
Switchgear Enhanced Rating
Sep 2018
Sep 2019
Northern Powergrid
Dave Blackledge
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management and Condition Monitoring
Switchgear Enhanced Rating
The project consistes of four separate stages, each with a set of objectives.

Stage 1 Objectives – Data gather common types of HV switchgear
Carry out desktop research to identify common HV switchgear that are suitable applying short term dynamic ratings (previous EATL STP projects have population counts that may be suitable).  It is proposed to base the project on 5 primary types of switchgear and 5 secondary type switchgear. This will need prior agreement with ENA Member Companies.  Review CIGRE and other appropriate reference material that may be referenced in the report in Stage 4.

Stage 2 Objectives – Gather temperature rise type test results
Gather temperature rise type test results, and data to allow thermal time constant to be calculated for the identified switchgear from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or DNOs. Prepare the information ready to input into the model in Stage 3.

Stage 3 Objectives – Basic model build
Build basic model in Microsoft Excel with easy to use front end and functionality to prevent incorrect entry and warnings. It is anticipated that the model will have a drop down selection for known types and will also allow the input of new equipment types.  The model will show for how long and what load current may be applied.

Stage 4 Objectives – Report results and rules and guidance for operating model
Produce a Report, which will include guidance for using the model and will document the results for the types of switchgear selected and modelled in Stage 3.  Reference will be made to appropriate CIGRE and other technical reports made available.
Safe operating of equipment over the optimal economic lifetime.