Feb 2018
Electricity Distribution
Autodesign: LV Connections Self-Service Tool
Feb 2018
Aug 2020
Northern Powergrid
Dan Filor
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Network Innovation Allowance

The project will be delivered in four separate phases, each acting as stage-gates for progress to subsequent stages.

Stage 1 : assessment of data quality issues, identification of key design rules and assessment of feasibility of approach and production of a fully designed plan for subsequent stages.

Stage 2 :  Identification and assessment of appropriate and efficient algorithms to perform network assessments at LV, including modules to convert “raw” network data to CIM and from CIM to a DEBUT-style assessment tool where deemed necessary.

Stage 3 : Phased pilot introduction and implementation of tool, based on stage 2 outcomes, to internal users. To include rollout testing, user feedback, modification and post development.

Stage 4 : Development of customer-friendly online connections tool.

Building on the beta testing phase of the internal connections tool produced in stage 3, we will scope out and deliver a tool with an appropriate feature set for customer self-service use. This will be web enabled/on-line where at all possible.

Part of the earlier project phases is to define the stage 4 tool’s scope in more detail, however, we would expect, although cannot commit to,  the main output of the tool to:

Assist the user in accurately specifying the capacity required by guiding them through connections options and main technology options. This will lean on the work done to date on online connections but also include new technologies such as EV charging, home energy storage, PV etc;

Using the capacity requirement details, display the desired location and show existing network assets with a guide to their ability to service the new requirement;

Provide estimates of connection cost to the user, as a guide, and within some defined level of error.