Mar 2018
Electricity Distribution
Holistic Fault Prediction
Mar 2018
Mar 2022
Northern Powergrid
Neil Dunn-Birch
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Network Innovation Allowance
The project will: 
  • Identify suitable existing data sets and data analysis algorithms and techniques which could be used to provide fault anticipation functionality using  operational and other datasets available within Northern Powergrid and/or other DNOs or external sources. This may include those related to previous LCNF and current NIA projects, e.g. Customer Led Network Revolution and Smart Data).
  • Audit the data and monitoring systems deployed and under development at Northern Powergrid in order to support the requirements analysis and specification activities for fault anticipation. This will also provide knowledge and understanding of practical ways to access data in real-time for fault anticipation.
  • Make recommendations for specifications for and approaches to the capture of suitable data for fault anticipation and interpretation for any network.
  • Research and develop holisitc, multivariable data analysis algorithms that can interpret signals and their interaction and identify complex degradation modes in advance of failures, in order to predict faults and enable network intervention before outages can impact customers.
  • Prototype a fault anticipation decision support system for operational engineers based on the algortihms and techniques identified above.
  • Report on the findings and learning from the project to other DNOs and interested parties..