Sep 2017
Electricity Distribution
Customer-Led Distribution System
Sep 2017
Jun 2021
Northern Powergrid
Liz Sidebotham, Northern Powergrid
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Network Innovation Allowance
Stakeholder Engagement

The scope encompasses:

  • the future industrial structure;

  • distributed energy markets and distributed network management;

  • customised energy products; and

  • the DSO roles, functions and interactions with the owners/operators of DERs, with other DSOs, and with other network operators (eg IDNOs, private wire operators) and the TSO

Our objective is to identify and demonstrate the most appropriate market design and industry structure that will:

  • Enable the optimisation of network and DER resources;
  • Enable 3rd party providers to realise maximum value of DERs through market-enabled energy and network products; and
  • Enable the uncertainty and complexity of the supply system to be substantially reduced by  distributed and coordinated market and network solutions.

Delivery of:

  1. A report on possible future industrial structures for the distribution sector that promote an efficient and coordinated and flexible energy system;

  2. A report on possible market designs and market structures for DER energy products;

  3. Coordination strategies between network operation and energy market operation to optimise network and DER resources;

  4. A report on how the operation of a DER energy market might change DER behaviour and its impact on network operations and on the market for network services;

  5. A roadmap showing the interplays between DER growth, market development, infrastructure development to support the structural change, using a sample network from NPg;

  6. A quantification of the value to stakeholders from introducing energy markets to the distribution sector; and

  7. Dissemination and engagement activities, including close engagement with the Open Networks project so that CLDS can support, enhance and extend the work of the Open Networks project.