Jul 2017
Electricity Distribution
Integrel – Baseline Implementation
Jul 2017
Apr 2019
Northern Powergrid
Chris Goodhand, Innovation Manager (01977 605641)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Energy Storage and Demand Response
The project includes the assessing the possibility of integration of technology subcomponents – including generation, electricity to hydrogen conversion and storage alongside determining the optimal operational configurations under various scenarios and determining the accompanying economic case.

The project will assess the technical viability of a cross-vector integrated energy system, specifically including:

  •    Gas to Electricity conversion
  •    Electricity to Gas conversion
  •    Energy storage
  •    Gas storage

The project will assess the technical viability of a suitable control system for such an integrated system.

The project will assess costs and forecast benefits to establish a level of economic viability for such an integrated system.

A successful project will provide positive or negative assessment of the objectives laid in in the previous section : can the identified technologies be used together and in what combinations, is there an economic case for doing so and could our GUS system be successfully applied to control this.