May 2017
Electricity Distribution
Silent Night – Hybrid EV Generator
May 2017
Nov 2019
Northern Powergrid
Andrew Webster (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Energy Storage, System Security and Resilience
The output of this project will be 2 or 3 prototype vehicles with battery inverter generator units of 40kVA output installed in fleet (or very similar) electric vehicles that can be used on a network faults affecting an estimated 1 to 7 domestic customers on single or three phase networks across our regions, ideally it will be suitable for single and looped premises and end of LV network faults. The system will be fitted with an inverter making it suitable for single or three phase operation and protection panels.

It is intended that this project will demonstrate the efficacy of this approach for all generator applications with the target that 50% of the current fleet could eventually be replaced.

Determine whether a 40kVA hybrid generator system can be safely installed in a standard sized fleet vehicle.

Develop and fully test communications, tracking and control systems ensuring compatibility with our current, or modified, operational approach.

Determine operational characteristics of such a vehicle

  • Assess carbon footprint, fuel usage, support time, recharge motor utilisation, noise pollution etc, etc.
  • Assess maintenance regime, battery life etc.

Determine the operating economics of such a vehicle, across the full asset life cycle, and make comparisons with alternative approaches.

Assess and make recommendations for broader adoption.

The project will be judged a success if:

Hyperdrive and Offgrid Energy can determine whether it is possible to integrate the assemblies within the vehicle and ensure drivability and safe payload carrying limits are satisfied.

Northern Powergrid can complete testing and authorisation of system design and functionality.

Northern Powergrid can assess the full system, in operation, and report its performance

Hyperdrive, Offgrid Energy and Northern Powergrid can complete and publish the closedown report and disseminate the knowledge generated to the industry.

These are successive criteria and the project may be successfully halted at any of these intermediate outcomes depending on results obtained.