May 2017
Electricity Distribution
Vehicle to Grid (V2G) - the network impact of grid-integrated vehicles.
May 2017
May 2020
Northern Powergrid
Andrew Webster (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electric Vehicles
The project primarily covers LV network impact, from design, operational and power quality perspectives.

An assessment of the network impact of V2G as successively increasing numbers are rolled out in a phased implementation will be undertaken.

The project will assess and quantify this impact and make any recommendations to mitigate, or otherwise, resulting from the widespread use of this technology.

An assessment of likely customer behavior will also be undertaken. this may provide an indication of the likely speeed iof take-up of this technology as well as other network relevant insights.

Primary project objectives of the project include:

* Determine a range of connection cost options for the customer, depending upon their total income requirements, pay-back period expectations, and other business model considerations.

* Produce enhanced network design assessment tools that take account of these options.

* Determine whether V2G can support networks during constraint periods, and to what extent, by:

A) Being allowed to discharge onto the network during periods of high load; and

B) Being inhibited from fully charging during constraint periods

* Produce new models of substation profiles that include various levels of V2G charger implementation.  

* Determine V2G charger impact on power quality.

* Develop and disseminate guidance for other DNOs and interested parties.

The project is research/knowledge development through a design, install, assess, mitigate and disseminate project.

The project will produce a design assessment process and associated design guidance for V2G connections. It will also produce guidance on where and how V2G may be used to mitigate network issues.

Delivery of the objectives detailed above, or an analysis of why they are not important will determine project success.