Mar 2016
Electricity Distribution
Pollywood - Alternative wooden pole system for OHL
Mar 2016
Sep 2019
Northern Powergrid
Andrew Webster (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Safety and health and environment
Environmental and Overhead Lines
The scope of this 14 month programme of work by Pollywood is to assess and identify a material that would be fit for purpose as a replacement to traditional wooden poles.

The Project will:

  • Develop the best combinations of veneers and resin formulations which will be assessed against the technical requirements of the DNOs.
  • Take the most suitable combination and produce scaled prototypes.
  • Subject the scaled prototypes to representative structural strength tests which will provide evidence that the claims of weight strength ratio are valid.
  • Provide evidence that the prototypes can support the deployment of the networks equipment and fixtures.
  • Explore the possibilities of new concepts of pole design which will fully utilise the characteristics of the new material.

The objective of this Project is to –

*Develop a new material based on wood veneers and bio resins that will pass DNO’s criteria for being used as an alternative to traditional wooden power distribution poles.

* Develop a material that is eco-friendly.

* Develop a new design of pole using this material that possesses all the characteristics required for a power distribution pole.

* Develop a replacement pole design that would be cost effective to deploy.

* Explore new possibilities of utilizing the properties of this new material.

The success criteria for the Project are:
  • The development of a material that meets DNOs specifications that could be used for new innovative designs in power distribution.
  • The demonstration of a prototype pole, which could be used as a replacement to traditional wooden power distribution poles.
  • The demonstration of a manufacturing technique to produce an alternative pole.
  • The results of this Project that would allow the manufacture and testing of full scale alternative poles using the new material development in this Project produced on a spiral winding machine.