Mar 2016
Electricity Distribution
Development of Oil-filled Cable Additive
Mar 2016
Jun 2017
Northern Powergrid and UK Power Networks
NPg – Kevin Willerton ( UK Power Networks – Ismini Dimitriadou (
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Network Innovation Allowance
The project will research and identify candidate repair technologies, experimentally evaluate the preferred options, build and trial a working prototype of the preferred technology. Along with this the project will produce recommendations on the best route to commercialization for the preferred technology.

* Construction and commissioning of the laboratory fluid leak containment rig.

* Evaluation of the properties of the modified self-repair fluids that support containment.

* Design and costing of the fluid filled cable test rig with the cable requirements of the supporting DNOs fed back into the design.

* Selection of the cable test rig host and establishing a costing for the hosting of the technology.

* Define the development activities to enhance repair and containment function for Evaluation of materials produced using the assessment methods already reported in Stage 2.

* Accelerate the design, costing and location of the FFC cable test rig in preparation for an accelerated follow-up project.

* Prime the low pressure FFC fluid producers in the UK to provide purified fluids in volumes suitable for the cable test rig and FFC circuit trials.

* Stage gate review to decide whether the project can still deliver benefit to customers and to determine the required follow-up work.

The success for this low TRL project is the delivery of the objectives detailled above and a confirmed decsion as to whther to continue the porject into a further development phase as a separate follow-up activity.