Apr 2015
Electricity Distribution
Activating Community Engagement (ACE)
Apr 2015
Jan 2018
Northern Powergrid
Andrew Spencer (01977 605672)
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of the project is to scale up and trial the GenGame direct control DSR product for residential customers, to run a feasibility trial for up to one year to test and refine the product and, if successful, to expand up to 2000 customers and run the trials up to December 2017 to test for sustainability over a longer period. The data from the trials will be used to develop the predictive planning tool.

The primary objective is to incentivise a wide range of residential customers to become engaged in sufficient numbers within specific geographic areas to deliver a large enough DSR response to defer network reinforcement.

The secondary objective is to develop a tool for designers to predict the residential DSR potential in an area with sufficient confidence to know whether this is a strong enough case to consider deploying The GenGame as an alternative to reinforcement.

  • Cost effective (cost compared to traditional reinforcement)

  • Easy to promote and recruit (based upon speed and effort of recruitment)

  • Quick deployment (ease of registration, equipment deployment and set-up);

  • Reliable (size of loads offered and limited use of the override facility)

  • Sustainable (test for sustained engagement over a 2 year period);

  • Targeted and Predictable (statistically robust analysis of response over a range of demographics to obtain the data required to develop predictive planning and design tools)