Sep 2012
Electricity Distribution
Smart Data
Sep 2012
Dec 2015
Northern Powergrid
Mary Black
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Network Innovation Allowance
LV & 11kV Networks and Modelling
The demonstration business applications that will be modelled are for the LV network in the areas of:

  • Asset management (condition/health of the network) and replacement policy

  • Fault management and restoration

  • Network design (new connections, reinforcement, and load management)

Project outputs will be applicable across all parts of the Northern Powergrid network.

There are three key objectives to the project have been undertaken as a three year PhD project. The project’s main phases are:

Months 1 – 3: Understanding the background e.g. electricity distribution networks

Months 4 – 12: Identifying and assessing the data, representation technologies and the potential benefits.

Months 13 – 24: Constructing demonstrator

Months 25 – 33: Demonstrating and improving

Months 31 – 36: Completion of write up

The relevance of this project to the business is that it aims to make a significant contribution to the next generation of network management systems through understanding and showing the capabilities of geospatial diagrams and data representation with regards to low carbon and smart data, in terms of the impact they can have on network management. The project contributes to our preparedness for the future by enhancing our understanding of the data management implications of low carbon technologies.

The project at the point of transfer from IFI to NIA is month 29 of the schedule.

The project will be deemed successful if we receive all of the deliverables and are able to interpret and apply the results.

Specific success criteria include:

  • Clear classification of types of data and representation technologies.

  • Useful guidance on potential solutions to data management problems.

  • Helpful advice about using the new data in distribution network management.

  • Successful implementation of the demonstrator to serve as a prototype / functional design aid for future network management system requirements.