Apr 2015
Electricity Distribution
Vonaq Utility Pole Strength Measurement
Apr 2015
Oct 2016
Northern Powergrid, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and SP Energy Networks
NPG Innovation Manager Chris Goodhand, SPEN Technology Development Manager Geoff Murphy SSEPD R&D Manager David MacLeman
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Network Innovation Allowance
This Method is already field proven for wood poles in the telecoms sector. The scope of this project is to develop the Method to work on power distribution poles rather than telecom poles, since many variances exist such as: different cable tensions, cable weights, pole sizes and attached equipment. In order to do so the following work will take place:

* Stage 1 – Device trial and data gathering

* Stage 2 – Data collection for algorithm customization

* Stage 3 – Algorithm development

* Stage 4 – System prototyping demonstration in an operational environment

Stage 5 – Product verification

The objectives of the project are:


* Determine the usability, improved pole test process and cost saving of the initial device in an operational environment;

* Define the different types of pole top equipment that will tend to be found on distribution wooden poles;

* Develop the algorithm to improve results;

* Determine the usability, improved pole test process and cost saving of the second version of the device in an operational environment; and

* Determine whether the product can pick out rotten poles.

For this project to be considered a success it will determine whether it is possible to objectively determine the condition of a wooden pole and consistently test for it.