Jul 2020
Electricity Transmission
Evaluation of Travelling Wave based Transmission Line Protection for Low-Fault Level Networks
Jul 2020
Apr 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Linwei Chen
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Transition to low carbon future
The nature of power system faults is changing with the growing integration of renewable generation through power electronic converters. The fault level of transmission systems may decrease due to the replacement of conventional synchronous generators with converter fed renewable generation which delivers significantly less fault current. This project will assess the viability of applying travelling wave based protection to transmission lines operating under low-fault level conditions. The impact of communication delay/asymmetry and bandwidth limitation on protection performance will be analysed to inform utilities with best practices of using Travelling Wave protection.
The project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of TW protection applied to transmission lines on low-fault level systems and understand the impacts of communication delay/asymmetry and bandwidth limitations on the operating performance, as expressed in terms of dependability, stability and speed.
Technical benefit - providing an alternative solution to maintain protection performance for the the future net-zero electricity network.