Apr 2020
Electricity Transmission
Future Power Network Simulations
Apr 2020
Oct 2020
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mingyu Sun
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Transition to low carbon future
The networks are going through major transformation and the role of detailed simulation studies has become crucial to maintain the network reliability. Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) simulations can provide high-resolution and accurate simulation results required for studying control interactions and resonances in the network. The frequency of interest may vary from sub synchronous range to few kHz. Additionally, EMT simulations are also necessary for related control tuning and grid compliance studies.

This innovation project investigates the most effective way of carrying out EMT simulation studies for future power networks. Challenges of EMT simulation will be identified and solution for those identified will be explored during the project.
The project aims to provide guidelines and recommendations for future EMT studies. Following objectives are identified as:
  • To assess the feasibility and effectiveness of conversion of DIgSILENT data into PSCAD.
  • To assess various network reduction methods and provide guidelines for the best practice.
  • To assess requirements of EMT modelling (Generic model, real‐code, protection and control models, parameters etc.) and benchmark requirements of validating DIgSILENT transient stability models vs PSCAD dynamic models.
  • A guidelines and recommendations document incorporating the findings of the project on the EMT simulation for future network