Jan 2020
Electricity Transmission
Advanced Weather Forecasts for Dynamic Line Rating
Jan 2020
Apr 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Oliver Cwikowski
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability, ET - Transition to low carbon future, ET - New technologies and commercial evolution, ET - Safety and health and environment
Active Network Management, Comms & IT, Conductors, Low Carbon Generation, Overhead Lines, Substations and Electricity Transmission Networks
This project will systematically review the use of high specification weather forecast for the rating each of our asset types; with the focus being on Overhead lines (OHL). This will involve running various scenarios using a software based tool which will be developed as part of this project. This will allow the potential increase in asset ratings that can be obtained by using a higher specification forecast to be quantified, and a value based specification for a weather forecast system to be developed.
The objectives of this project are to:

1.       Integrate NGET’s OHL rating model with a high specification weather forecast

2.       Evaluate the improved performance offered by a high specification forecast
Develop a value driven specification for a dynamic line rating system which uses a high specification forecast