Jan 2020
Electricity Transmission
Short Term Voltage Stability Monitoring Using PMU Data
Jan 2020
May 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Xiaolin Ding
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Network Monitoring
With the transition to a ‘net-zero carbon’ network, the penetration of renewable generation is increasing rapidly to replace the conventional fossil fuel-based synchronous generation in the GB network. Most modern renewable sources of electricity are connected to the network with an interface of power electronic converter devices with advanced controllers. The sytem, on one hand, is losing the support from conventional synchronous generation but, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly complex with the change of generation technology and rising power electronic converter control devices integrated into the transmission network. This can adversely affect the dynamic voltage stability of the transmission system. If stability risk is not identified and addressed promptly, it can cause voltage collapse, cascading events and even catastrophic system blackouts. Therefore it is important to understand the risks of dynamic voltage stability and closely monitor it in the transmission network.

This project is to develop a non-model based approach using real-time PMU data in the network to improve dynamic voltage stability assessment and monitoring in the GB transmission network.