Jan 2020
Electricity Transmission
Impact of System inertia on the Critical Clearance Times (CCT) on the GB Transmission Network
Jan 2020
Dec 2020
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Xiaolin Ding
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management
As the nation is moving towards to a Net-Zero carbone future, system inertia is expected to continue declining. System inertia is closely related to the stability of the electricity network. The declining system inertia may expose the network to a higher risk of system instability. The capability of the protection system to clear faults in sufficient time is critically important to prevent system instability. This project aims to investigate how the future reduction of system inertia will affect the critical fault clearance time required in the GB network to ensure system stability.
The main objective of the project is to assess the impact of the reduction of system inertia on the CCT of the GB transmission network to ensure sytem stability during the transition to net-zero carbone future. The project also aims to provide visualization of the system intertia impacts on the CCT in the GB network, and recommended future work to mitigate any potential instability risk.
NGET and other network owners will benefit from understanding how inertia can affect their CCTs, so adequate plan can be made in place to minimise potential stability risk in the network.