Nov 2019
Electricity Transmission, Electricity Distribution, Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission
Zero-2050: South Wales (Whole system analysis)
Nov 2019
Mar 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission, National Grid Gas Transmission, Wales and West Utilities and Western Power Distribution
Linwei Chen
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
The most efficient way to meet “Net Zero” target is a whole system design approach and cross-sector collaboration.  ‘Zero-2050: South Wales’ will bring diverse stakeholder groups (utilities, industry, academia, SME, consultants, Government, regional experts etc.) together to design a pathway to address decarbonisation needs of the South Wales region. A multi-energy vector modelling exercise will be carried out to estimate the impact on utilities’ networks for different scenarios.
The project will recommend a pathway to decarbonise South Wales supported by solid analytical work and taking in to account the regional socio-economic aspects.
To bring diverse stakeholder (utilities, industry, academia, SME, consultants, Government, regional experts etc.) views together, adopt a whole system view and technology neutral perspective, critically review and challenge the options, quantify them with facts and analysis, and then design a pathway to meet South Wales net-zero target which delivers the best value to consumers.