Oct 2019
Electricity Transmission
Optimised Infra-Red Image Systems (OsIRIS)
Oct 2019
Oct 2020
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Oliver Cwikowski
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Safety and health and environment
Condition Monitoring and Health and Safety
Infra-red images are used to perform periodic inspections of transmission assets. These cameras provide a method of mitigating risk and identifying specific failure modes. Experience from collecting many infra-red images has highlighted that false positives can occur, which can lead to unnecessary additional follow on work to mitigate the perceived defect. This project will investigate the sources of intrinsic error within the systems that use infra-red image scans and identify methods to mitigate these errors. This will reduce the number of false positives and result in our Infra-red image systems being optimised.
The objectives of this project are to:

1. Understand the potential sources of uncertainty in our measurements in greater detail
2. Propose mitigations to reduce uncertainty