Jan 2018
Electricity Transmission
EPRI Research Collaboration on Underground Transmission (P36+ P34 part) 2018 - 2021
Jan 2018
Apr 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Judith Robinson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Active Network Management
The electricity industry faces challenges that National Grid recognises can be more effective and cost-beneficial if dealt with through international collaboration initiatives. In particular, challenges where solutions require statistically diverse data sets and/or significant trialling and testing in different environments, under various conditions and/or diverse ways.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), with its wide international membership, is one of the routes through which this type of initiative can be delivered. This collaborative approach is beneficial to National Grid and our customers, providing valuable expertise and learning, which would be more expensive to formulate on an individual basis.

This project supports two programmes of work: EPRI Underground Transmission Programme 36 (P36) and EPRI Transmission Asset Management Analytics Programme (P34).


The outputs from these two programmes of work will provide the following:

  • asset characterisation and performance data models and failure form
  • Industry-wide transmission and substation asset failure and performance database
  • framework for underground transformer asset management analytics
  • report into Reliable Performance of Transmission Cable Accessories - Long-term Ageing Test
  • underground transmission workstation: Functional and Technical Enhancements and Developments
  • P34.004 -: to provide effective decision support algorithms, tools and technologies to advance the understanding of the future performance of underground transmission.
  • P36.001 -: to provide adequate tools and information for the design, construction, ratings and operation of underground transmission systems.
  • P36.002 -: to investigate methods and technologies for extruded dielectric transmission cable systems and identify suitable solutions for application to the design, operation and maintenance of these systems.
  • P36.003 -: to develop suitable condition assessment methods and procedures for laminar dielectric cable systems.
  • P36.006 -: to support the transfer and adaptation of EPRI research and development results to meet technical and educational requirements.
  • P36.008 -: to develop suitable methods and tools for system integration and interconnection for application on HVDC cable technologies.