Sep 2018
Electricity Transmission
Harmonic compliance management
Sep 2018
Sep 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Xiaolin DIng
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Customer and stakeholder focus
Harmonic compliance management is based on the “polluter” being responsible for “cleaning” or minimizing voltage distortion. This can lead to the consumer paying for large filters for each polluter on the network, while these are only required in very unlikely scenarios. The current approach also makes it difficult to maintain compliance in a rapidly changing energy environment, where it may be difficult to attribute responsibility to an individual.
The proposed method to solve this problem is to review and challenge the harmonic compliance management policy that has been adopted by the energy industry in the UK. This project will undertake a desktop based study to review the existing practices and propose new approaches to harmonic management. The value from the different approaches will be assessed based on the foreseen benefits to consumers and the wider industry.
The objectives for this project are:

1. To evaluate other options for managing harmonic compliance and compare these to the existing arrangement(s) and to establish an understanding of the consumer benefits.

2. To propose a transparent, simple and consistent technical, commercial and regulatory framework for managing harmonic compliance that considers the changing energy environment and that facilitates low carbon connections.