Sep 2018
Electricity Transmission
Voltage source converter based series controlled impedance technology
Sep 2018
May 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Robin Gupta
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Electricity Transmission Networks
A relatively new alternative solution to provide control over power flow has been developed using voltage source converter (VSC) in each phase. The VSC based series controlled impedance (SCI) technology has potential to offer the following advantages:
• Cheaper option than QB
• Optimized deployments of the technology can unlock more system capacity than traditional solutions such as QBs
• Provides more controllability
• Easy mobile redeployment
• Wireless control
The project will serve as a first step towards building our understanding about application of these VSC based SCI devices.
The project will undertake an in-depth system evaluation to fully model and demonstrate system performance under a full range of credible and extreme scenarios to assess the risks associated with VSC based SCI technology.