Jan 2018
Electricity Transmission
EPRI Research Collaboration on Electric Transportation (P18)
Jan 2018
Apr 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Robin Gupta
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - New technologies and commercial evolution
Electricity Transmission Networks
The objectives for 2018 include the enrolment of National Grid onto EPRI’s Electric Transportation Programme (P18) and the delivery of a selection of associated reports and guidance documents. Key deliverables include:

• Technical Research and Development

• P18.044: EV Charging & Infrastructure Technology: Research in this project set helps provide an impartial view of EV charging devices, networks, and related infrastructure, both short-term and long-term for plug-in vehicles of varying sizes and market segments to advance electrification of the transportation industry.

• P18.045: EV Grid Integration: Research in this project will help provide, develop, and refine the fundamental background, standards and technology that will enable scalable open standards-based smart charging of EVs in a geographic area. This knowledge supports the smooth integration of EVs into the transmission system.

• P18.046: Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation, Data Collection & Analysis: R&D will include potential activities such as the research, development, deployment, and evaluation of commercial and industrial electric transportation, including technology development, standards support and leadership, field demonstration, and data collection and analysis.

• P18.047: Environmental Impacts & Analysis: Research in this project will help provide, develop, and refine the understanding of the environmental impacts of electric vehicles, e.g., greenhouse gases, air quality, etc. through a deep and current understanding of the electricity transmission system. 

Technical Deployment

• EV Infrastructure, Grid Impact, Environmental & Market Research, Analysis & Support: Impartial, scientific research, development, evaluation, and analysis of EV charging and related infrastructure technology are needed to help support the EV market.