Jan 2018
Electricity Transmission
EPRI Research Collaboration on Information and Communication Technology
Jan 2018
Apr 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Linwei Chen
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
The objectives for 2018 include the delivery of a selection of associated reports and guidance documents. Key deliverables include:

P161.046: Substation Data Management and Infrastructure

This project will develop the necessary metadata required to track and assure that the data being used has a traceable path from it source. Besides linking the data to provide better context the project will also develop mechanisms to assure that the version of the data used is correct for the situation under consideration. It will also identify mechanisms and commercially available tools to support these activities. 

P161.047: Extraction and Integration of Data Sources

This project will investigate business enhancement opportunities that arise when data from various substation sources is extracted from its native source and combined with other relevant data in standardised formants that are easily analysed. The expected result is a comprehensive data management approach leading to a long-term standards-based solution suitable across the utility industry. The development of extraction tools needed to transform the data for analysis in open platforms will be placed in the appropriate open source repositories for benefit of the public. 

P161.048: Interoperable Communications Architectures, Device Management and Standards

This project will work to establish integrated data capture and replay methods that will allow for better situational awareness, post-event analysis, and establish standardised approaches to interrogate the device operating characteristics, through the use of device management software tools.

 Assessing Augmented Reality for the Electricity Industry

The objective of this project is to bring AR technology developers and electric utilities together to assess the application of augmented reality solutions for the electricity sector.
Integrated Network Model Management

The outcome of this assessment is expected to be a common process for the management of transmission power system network model data across the transmission enterprise.