Jun 2020
Electricity Transmission
Forward Resilience Measures (Stage 1)
Jun 2020
Apr 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Ben Kuchta
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management
The resilience requirements of electricity networks will need to evolve with a changing energy landscape as society adapts how it uses energy to meet the 2050 net zero decarbonisation target and national infrastructure sectors become increasingly interdependent.

This project aims to develop a resilience assessment framework that combines qualitative and quantitative resilience assessments and output forward looking resilience measures,: applicable to electricity network owners to help plan for future resilience requirements.

This project is the first stage of work focused on the future resilience of the electricity transmission network.
To develop a resilience assessment framework composed of both qualitative and quantitative resilience assessment models that will output forward looking resilience measures applicable to National Grid Electricity Transmission and others within the electricity sector to help plan for future resilience requirements and effectively ensure the UK has a resilient and robust electricity transmission network.