Jun 2020
Electricity Transmission
Probabilistic planning for stability constraints
Jun 2020
Dec 2021
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Sami Abdelrahman
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
In this project, we will explore, develop and test cutting-edge automated and probabilistic approaches for modelling of angular stability. This will enable year-round boundary capability calculation for stability accounting for a number of sources of variability and uncertainty and enabling ESO to consider the possible issues across the system.
The objectives of this project are to explore the use of cutting-edge techniques (combining traditional power systems stability analysis and statistical modelling), and whether these allow the ESO to better understand the risk and uncertainty associated with angular stability on the GB electricity system. The result of this will be to produce automated tools to allow efficient stability evaluation for more snapshots and locations in the system.

This could help the ESO to make more optimal economic decisions with respect to secure and stable operation of the system.