Jun 2020
Electricity Transmission and Electricity Distribution
Optimal Coordination of Active Network Management Schemes and Balancing Services Market
Jun 2020
Jun 2021
National Grid Electricity System Operator and Western Power Distribution
Tolulope Esan (NGESO) and Matthew Watson (WPD)
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability, ED - Transition to low carbon future, ET - Network improvements and system operability and ET - Transition to low carbon future
Active Network Management
There is a need to deliver an optimally coordinated design approach between ANM schemes and balancing services markets. It is important to ascertain and understand the synergies and conflicts associated with the potential for ANM schemes in networks inhibiting the delivery of ESO system support services through DER.
The key objectives of this work can be described as follows:
  • To identify and define different optimal T&D coordinated ANM schemes, their associated technical and commercial requirements as well as compatibility with existing industry codes and regulatory frameworks;
  • To develop test cases and evaluate the ability of DER to participate in the ANM functions of the distribution system or in whole system balancing actions in a coordinated manner;
  • To identify and define solutions that will optimize the coordination of ANM schemes with the balancing services market;
  • To develop a delivery plan for deployment of the solutions
  • To disseminate findings and recommendations to other network licensees.