Dec 2019
Electricity Transmission
Impact of Long-duration Energy Storage Systems on GB Transmission Planning
Dec 2019
Jun 2020
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Rebekah Pryn
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability and ET - Transition to low carbon future
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
The ESO uses the Network Operability Assessment (NOA) process to recommend investment options to achieve a sustainable, economic and efficient future electricity grid. As the energy system rapidly evolves and the penetration of renewable resources increases, future uncertainty also increases. Thus, there is a need for bringing flexibility across the network. Through this project, we will analyse the impact of a range of energy storage systems on transmission network constraints. This will lead to more informed investment and operational decisions to ensure a secure, economic and efficient electricity grid.
The project aims to:
  1. Model the optimal sizing and operation of an energy storage system (ESS) placed upstream on a constrained transmission interface
  2. Explore potential alternative revenue streams available to storage during less constrained times of the year