Oct 2019
Electricity Transmission
Applications of convex optimisation to enhance National Grid’s NOA process
Oct 2019
Apr 2021
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Mostafa Nick
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Voltage Control
The aim of this project is to develop new tools using new advancements in mathematical and computational techniques to enable us to assess more scenarios and backgrounds and check whether they comply with SQSS and other industry codes. We will develop and test convex optimisation models and machine learning algorithms that adequately represent voltage and reactive power in the system.
The project aims to:
  1. Create a standard pipeline of data flow between NG ESO data format and the prototype OPF
  2. Where necessary, enhance the prototype OPF to include a reasonable representation of relevant steady-state components models in PowerFactory.
  3. Create a prototype tool to quantify future reactive power requirements against a very large range of scenarios in planning time-scale that capture uncertainties going forwards.
  4. To develop an appropriate convex optimization method for inclusion in an AC-OPF model of the GB electricity system that permits assessment of the transmission system’s ability to meet voltage and reactive power requirements.
  5. Test the model on a representative network in size of GB high-voltage electricity system and validate results using current tools and techniques.
  6. Provide advice on updates for the NOA process.