Sep 2019
Electricity Transmission
Testing Coordinated DSO-ESO Procurement and Dispatch
Sep 2019
Jul 2020
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Adrian Sellar
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability and ET - New technologies and commercial evolution
Commercial and Demand Response
The project will trial one simple route to multiple flexibility markets via one platform. This approach of coordinated procurement and dispatch of flexibility between ESO and DNOs is one of the Future Worlds outlined by the Open Networks project. This approach has not been trialed before, and there are many uncertainties and unknowns about how it would work in practice. This project will start to unpick those uncertainties by trialling the end-to-end process, from procurement, to utilization and settlement. 
This project supports and builds upon WPD’s ‘Visibility Plugs and Sockets’ project.
The trial is seeking to prove (or provide learning) on several fronts:
The Platform
  • Does a single platform for multiple markets work in practice, does the end to end process hold up, can multiple buyers and multiple sellers trade effectively?
  • Does the clearing algorithm work – does the auction clear and provide a single price across markets?
Open Networks Future Worlds B
  • How the end-to-end process of World B works in practice? What might need to change in:
  1. Contract terms
  2. Procurement
  3. Utilization
  4. Settlement
  • How might a platform deal with service conflict?
  • Does this simplify the procurement process (qualitative feedback from providers)?
  • We aim to support the realization of benefits set out in WPD’s ‘Visibility Plugs and Sockets’ project
Balancing Services: Reform of Reserve
  • What is the impact of different timescales of procurement of a reserve-type product on:
  1. Types and number of providers
  2. Volume tendered
  3. Volume accepted
  4. Price