Jun 2019
Electricity Transmission
Demonstration of Virtual Synchronous Machine control of a battery system
Jun 2019
Jun 2020
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Ben Marshall
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Control Systems, Distributed Generation and Protection
The National Grid System Operator has produced a potential functional specification for grid supporting requirements within the Grid Code Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) expert working group. These may be provided by a range of potential approaches including traditional synchronous generation, supplementary measures such a flywheels and synchronous compensation. Another approach as discussed in the group is a VSM control philosophy applied to convertor-based technologies to meet this specification. 

Whilst the functional needs have been defined in the VSM work group these may be delivered in a variety of ways and our testing, modelling and specification needs to ensure appropriate performance is delivered. This requires innovative new testing and modelling approaches to be examined against the new technology options which have been proposed to ensure what is developed is helpful to both the operator and user.
By testing physical performance in a controlled environment, it is possible to learn how best to demonstrate and facilitate VSM based solutions for batteries. This learning has the potential to inform the management of field trial and subsequent deployments of VSM-batteries into the whole system, to support higher levels of convertor-based technology within the GB system than would otherwise be possible.

The project is expected to lead to the development of validated models for one approach to VSM control of batteries. The approach to testing and implementation of that approach clarified such, that industry will be able to take forward deployment.

It is recognized that batteries are one of several technologies capable of deploying VSM or other relevant Grid supporting solutions being sought. This project is intended to act as a template for future larger scale innovation.