Mar 2018
Electricity Transmission
Flexibility and Resource Adequacy for System Planning
Mar 2018
Jun 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Daniel Burke
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Network Innovation Allowance
The R&D efforts in this EPRI research project work stream PS173C aim to achieve the following objectives under its sub-project as outlined.  These are expected to enhance National Grid’s knowledge of these research areas, to aid with improving its transmission planning, security of supply and system operation capabilities.

The long-term objective of this EPRI research project is to develop planning processes and tools to ensure that systems are designed to facilitate long term renewable integration objectives in the most reliable and economic manner. Specifically, the objectives of the research and development in this project for 2018 will be to:
  1. Develop a planning framework, metrics and tools to understand the needs for operational flexibility to manage variability of load and variable generation and for the adequate resource capacity to meet the emerging net load profile.
  2. Develop methods to consider how different resources on the system – conventional thermal, hydro generation, demand response, energy storage and transmission resources – interact and provide capacity and flexibility.
  3. Develop methods and tools to prioritize investments in new resources (including generation, demand side, storage and transmission) to provide the requisite capacity and flexibility and/or adopting/modifying operational processes.
A key outcome from the project is a tool, called InFLEXion, which could be relevant to National Grid as the System Operator and be used by network planners and stakeholders involved in managing operational flexibility and assessing system flexibility issues. The EPRI project will also be sharing the algorithms developed as part of this tool which will allow the System Operator to further assess the techniques developed in the context of GB system operation and future planning strategies.