Mar 2018
Electricity Transmission
Risk-Based Analysis into Planning and Resiliency Processes
Mar 2018
Jun 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Qi Li
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Network Innovation Allowance
The objectives of the project are to enhance the System Operator’s awareness and understanding of:
  • Approaches to developing an analytical and investment framework using risk-based planning concepts that will more rigorously address increasing uncertainty and provide better insights to planners than the existing deterministic approaches. In developing such a future framework, the following objectives will be achieved as part of this R&D project. 
  1. Develop/refine risk-based analysis methods and associated metrics and data requirements/sources that are required for conducting probabilistic transmission planning analyses.
  2. Investigate/develop probabilistic criteria that can be applied with existing deterministic standards that planners can use for investment decisions
  3. Enhance and/or develop risk-based tools for performing transmission planning risk-based analyses.
  • Develop an analytical and investment framework for grid resiliency. This framework concept will incorporate the risk-based planning framework described in the above objective, but will have additional components related to analyzing High Impact Low Frequency (HILF) events and compare various investment decisions to harden the system.