Mar 2018
Electricity Transmission
Situational Awareness Using Comprehensive Information
Mar 2018
Jun 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
James Kelloway
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Network Innovation Allowance
The R&D efforts in this EPRI research project work stream 39.011 aim to achieve the following objectives under its two sub-projects as outlined below.  These are expected to enhance National Grid’s knowledge of these research areas to aid with improving its system operation capabilities:
  1. Develop and test new visualization approaches that provide greater, more effective support for situational awareness in operating the system through ways that allow faster root cause analysis and clear pathways to appropriate actions. This can be achieved by integrating comprehensive operating boundary/margin information and it has the potential to provide learning which can be applied in a GB context and for National Grid’s ENCC operations to reduce the quantity of information to be processed and retained.
  2. Prototype software tools that implement the visualization approaches which will be investigated. It is expected that these concept tools would be available for the System Operator to review and look into how they can be tested in the context of our operations..
  1. Develop specifications for the information, communication, and visualization analytics and tools This could provide National Grid with additional knowledge to inform real-time decision support for emerging or improved sources of data such as equipment condition information, prioritized system alarms, and system protection schemes.
  2. Improve Alarm Management systems to a state where they provide system operators with actionable information under different system conditions and avoid information overload at all times. The proposed Alarm Management Philosophy document can help the control room and support teams at National Grid to better group and prioritize alarms.
  3. Improve operations awareness regarding the potential impact of protection system status changes on system operating conditions, anticipated contingencies and reliability.